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Innou covers many fields of expertise. Therefore we are happy to provide you with profound insights of the rising businesses in the web 3.0 and can guide your project through the transition.


One of our main missions is to narrow the gap between casual internet and blockchain technologies, to become more user friendly and to push the development of real life use cases. Therefore we have specialized on the gamification of beneficial features from blockchain technologies and bake them onto ordinary internet use cases to get the best of both worlds.

social hub

For our ecosystem to be complete we are building a social platform where users can communicate, connect and share their ideas. Users can choose if they want their profile to be used for casual social media experience or freelancing and promotion or posting and publishing their content. This can be anything from art to blogs, journalistic reports, music and any other mediums of work.


The web 3.0 is already here and brings many potent features for the media industry and especially for independent artists. We want to prosper these advantages in the world of multimedia and develop new ideas but also rearrange old structures and lift them up with modern possibilities.

blockchain solutions

Due to the strong global connections Innou has, we can offer experienced and professional consulting for projects based on blockchain technology and provide solutions through our developer team.

think tank

INNOU is a global Think Tank specializing in Technology, Finance, Real Estate and Energy. Operating alongside strategic partners, worldwide, we help solve problems with innovative solutions. We deploy cutting edge digital technologies to tailor optimal digitally structured finance solutions through the use of Blockchain.


The Team

Meet the people who make it all happen

Innou was established in 2017 in Vienna. Our combined experience counts more than 70 years of professional work in the fields of global multimedia, financial markets and blockchain technologies.


CEO & Founder

Roman Wiehart was born in 1965 in Vienna. He left his birth city at the age of 11 travelling to Tehran. After high school and military service in Austria he entered to ORF, the first and the biggest television channel in Austria where he has been working for 35 years. Throughout period of time, his professional experience encompasses different work level from lightning, sound recording, camera assistance, various commercial, short and longer productions of which 100 days a year live satellite production. He has covered the biggest live events for the Austrian Television including the live recording of ‘Fomula 1’ , the ‘Olympics’, Opera etc. Together with his wife, Roman has finance and built ‘The New Sauraha Day Care Sanstha’ in Nepal, now directed by Binu Magar.


Assistant of CEO

As a military high school graduate, Clemens is not only skilled in self-discipline, organization and persistence, but also in leadership and social softskills. Within Innou, he is responsible for communication between management and the technical department.


Fatos Maxhuni is an Information Systems (IS) expert with over 20 years of professional experience in managing the full lifecycle of system development and implementation - from identification of user requirements, through design, development and testing, to rollout and support of new software systems. In addition to his software system delivery projects, he has extensive experience in providing academic training at university level having been lecturing on Computer Programming and Databases for over 15 years. Fatos holds an MSc in Distributed and Multimedia Information Systems from Heriot-Watt University as well as a BSc in Computer Science from QMW University of London.




Anyla Berisha is University Assistant and Deputy Head at the Institut for Buildings and Energy. She is currently pursuing her PhD on ‘Peer-toPeer Energy Systems in Smart Neighborhoods, a case of Vienna’ and she assists in Master and Bachelor level courses at IGE.

She has a degree in Architecture and Spatial Planning at University for Business and Technology in Prishtina. In 2017, together with Stefanie Fridrik she created the ‘Sonique Perception’, an Audio-guide platform that explores the full potential of bringing together musicians and visual artists while escaping the boundaries of conventional art education.

One year later she co-founded innou.io, a Blockchain Media Company in Vienna which was the first step toward discovering applications of innovative technology in Architecture, Construction and Energy Industry. Her research focus remains ‘The Energy Internet’.



Aerospace engineer and financial manager by education, startuper and builder projects from scratch by vocation, software systems developer by passion.In love with FinTech, Blockchain and snowboarding. 25+ years of experience in hands-on software development, project management, financial engineering, accounting. Including but not limited by: Ethereum smart contracts development, Moving micro services to Kubernetes, Punching cards and tapes for mainframes, Brewing Chezh beer, Making Danish steel, Milling Russian wheat, Exploring Ural geological resources, Launching a Danish bank foreing brunch.



Senior Operations Engineer

Agron Ferizi is an ICT and Information security specialist with more than 15 years of experience in Project Management, ICT and Security systems and IT Auditing. Agron is experienced in providing technical solutions to large scale private and public institutions and is experienced in working with EU and regional companies in the field of critical infrastructure and in compliance with ETSI and ISO standards. In addition to his technical experience, he has experience in academic teaching and training. Agron holds BSc in Computer Science from University of Prishtina.


Senior Operations Engineer

A senior software developer, with over 10 years of experience in Java & JavaEE. His experience is mostly linked with backend development, data structures and data modelling; ETL tools, workflow design and API for legacy systems. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.


Designer & Animator

Hello! My name is Mary and I am a storyteller Being a senior student at Chonnam National University and majoring in graphic design by day, at night I become a huge animation lover and work on my personal projects searching for stories to tell. I like to create stories that immerse viewers in other worlds, help them to become a different person for a while and leave a comforting, heart-warming aftertaste.


Software Developer & Designer

A jack of many trades, master of some. I embody art and technology, where I'm equally equipped to do front-end development as wel as ux/ui design and illustration work. I’ve studied at the Graphic Lyceum, High School of Arts and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands. Throughout the years I’ve worked for a wide range of companies and clients, picking up multiple creative and technical disciplines along the way.


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