What is INNOU?

INNOU empowers the individual to improve the environment through a modular multimedia platform.

Using fictional characters and game mechanisms we spread the latest news and trends on sustainability.

We want to provide green tech solutions not only to large corporations and administrative bodies, but also to individuals and households.






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Green hub

INNOU game

Doing good was never so rewarding!

In a nutshell...

With INNOU Game users can get edutained on environmental causes and hunt green tokens, products or vouchers and generate income while playing. The use Blockchain Technology will incentivize aspiring users to take active part in sustainable development, bring value in monetization potential. Users will be able to craft assets, exchange it on the market and use it on other Blockchain Games. The overall concept is a mix of free-to-play and play-to-win model that balances invested time and invested funds in an equal opportunity for every player.

For players

  • Enter the INNOU Ecosystem via a free-to play location-based game
  • Gather green tokens and help tackling the climate crisis
  • Customize and level up your avatar
  • Flag territories and discover sustainable shops
  • Own your game items
  • Craft, create and benefit financially

For businesses

  • Trusted Advertisement supported by Blockchain Technology
  • Gamified interaction
  • Location based marketing
  • Customer engagement
  • User reward system
  • Green Vouchers integration

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Receive vouchers of your favorite stores near you.

Crypto tokens

Win INNOU token and use them with our integrated wallet.


Hunt, explore and win real products from our partners globally.

Play And Plant

Contributing to the environment with simple daily actions!

We are building an inclusive open economy model supported by Blockchain Technology.
For this purpose we have incorporated “Green Tokens” and Vouchers.
These will help us incentivize and educate users on current environmental emergency causes and the action steps that are needed.

Why choose INNOU

  • Great team

    From our senior experts to our young creative minds we offer a diverse and multi- cultural team structure. To us, diversity means advantage.
  • Strong sense of community

    With 15% of distributed tokens saved for game reward, marketing and airdrops toward gaming community.
  • We make our partners proud

    We are constantly seeking for long-term partnership with the other companies and businesses.
  • We make you shine

    If the image of your company and partners is important to you, then you’re in the right place.

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An overview of the amazing team


Roman Wiehart

CO-founder & CEO

Michael Klimusha

CO-founder & CFO

Vadim Konstantinov

CO-founder & CTO

Anyla Berisha

CO-founder & CDO

Clemens Sperl

CO-founder & Business Analyst


Prof. Fatos Maxhuni

CO-founder & CIO

Agron Ferizi

Senior Operations Engineer

Fidan Rexhepi

Senior Operations Engineer

Marketing & Design

Maireny Familia Turbi

Event & Marketing Management

Maria Konstantinova

Animator & Illustrator

Advisors & Stake Holders

Hans Wiehart

Advisor & Private Investor

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